FAQ | Pick Up Fixe

Why Pick Up Fixe?

The restaurant industry has been suddenly and significantly impacted by local, State, and Federal mandates.

While many restaurants are offering pick-up options, making sure someone is available to answer the phone, as well as scheduling and arranging for pick up can be costly and requires resources that may not be available during the current downturn. This platform makes it easy for customers to place orders and for restaurants to fulfill them.

Why Take Out and Curbside Service?

As the restaurant community is encouraged to limit or eliminate in-restaurant dining, we wanted to create a platform to help make takeout oriented service easy for our restaurant partners.

This platform allows restaurants to create simple, multi-course menu boxes, and make them available for pick up.

What is a "Prix Fixe" meal?

Simply put, it is a multi-course meal offered at a fixed price.

Restaurants can create up to 6 multi-course menu options, as well as supplemental a la carte options, for customers to select from.

What about Safety?

The restaurant industry is highly regulated when it comes to health and food safety. Restaurants utilizing this platform will adhere to all local, State and Federal food safety protocol.

Questions, comments, feedback? Feel free to send us an email.

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